10 Reasons Why Water is Very Important For Health

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Do you know something important that we always need? The answer is water. Here is some reasons why we need water in our life :
  1. Water is an essential component of the human body. The human body consists of about 43% to 75% of water - depending on age, body fat, etc [if fat is removed from the account, the nominal water content is about 72% of body mass - according to this source]. I could probably survive for 4-8 weeks without food (source), but it is believed that the lack of water can cause death within 10 days at room temperature (source).
  2. Water is the agent nutritious. The water circulates through the blood and helps transport nutrients and oxygen to organs and to the cell. It acts as a solvent for many of the nutrients and essential salts and makes them available for absorption by the body.
  3. The water is cleaner. It also serves as a means to remove metabolic waste from the body - This is done in the form of urine and sweat. Think of it as detoxifying agent. This is one of the most important functions of water in our bodies (though not often appreciated in daily life).
  4. Water helps reduce the risk of kidney stones. The kidneys filter waste from blood and channels of the body through the process of urine formation. The increased concentration of certain salts in the urine increases the risk of kidney stones - and in most cases, this risk can be reduced by drinking plenty of water and dilute the urine. It is generally recommended that adults prone to kidney stones should try to drink about 12 eight glasses of water a day (recommended for normal adults is about 8 glasses).
  5. Water helps reduce the risk of sunstroke. Water is the most important factor in the very important function to regulate your body temperature. On sunny days, we sweat (in other words - water shed) and the most evaporation of sweat has a cooling effect on the body. In the absence of sufficient water (when dehydration occurs) in the body breaks down the temperature control and increased body temperature - and this leads to sunstroke. Severe sunstroke has the potential to damage your vital organs.
  6. Water helps to lower blood pressure. When you lose more than the optimal levels of liquid due to various factors (not drinking enough water, heavy exercise, illness, etc.), the body tries to compensate for water loss by constriction of blood vessels , so that water loss (due to transpiration and respiration) is reduced - which in turn causes a higher blood pressure. Drink plenty of water to prevent this from happening. Of course, this applies when the higher blood pressure was attributed to the lack of enough fluids in the body [not to be confused with the diuretic specific for cardiac, hepatic and renal certain - it is sometimes necessary to remove excess fluid from the body to lower blood pressure].
  7. Water minimizes the risk of heart disease. It follows from the above point - increased dehydration causes your cells and tissues to absorb water from the blood and reduces the amount of blood flow (probably so the constriction of blood vessels and the consequent increase in blood pressure occurs - see # 6). Hypertension is a sign of a heart that works harder than it should - it tries to pump more blood to the excretory organs to compensate for the reduced volume. This can worsen heart disease probably related. Adequate water intake will ensure that this does not happen.
  8. Water keeps the skin in good condition. In the process of transpiration, which also removes impurities from the skin and clean - leaving you with healthy, youthful skin. The dried skin cells can make your skin look wrinkled and flabby.
  9. Water contains no calories. Feel free to replace sugary drinks with water, the water contains no calories - so different from soft drinks, that does not add weight. Some studies have shown how to increase towards the water can actually cause weight loss. Americans consume about 13 billion liters of beverages annually calorific value. Can you imagine the net effect can be achieved by replacing all the water. Make it a habit - when you go to fast food joint or restaurant, ask for water instead of soda.
  10. Water suppresses the appetite. This follows from the previous point. Since water contains no calories, it seems like an ideal load * hardware in your stomach and gives you a feeling of "I'm drunk" - which reduces your appetite. This works best for people who are already over- weight and control their appetite and lose weight. If you are anorexic, it's not for you.:)

10.5 BONUS - Water is an (almost) free. It 'clear that I'm not talking about a bottle of water here. Most of the local lake's water taps is good enough to drink and should be fairly cheap. You can get free in restaurants, fast food and drinking water fountains in the workplace or school. You do not need a credit card or solicitations.

There are other more subtle but crucial roles played by water. For example, read this (the source):

Drink plenty of water each day is particularly important for people with bipolar disorder, because some medications can increase your risk of becoming overheated.

It goes beyond just medicine for people with bipolar disorder, is applied to a lot of drugs, causing more urination (diuretics).

The recommended daily intake of water for a normal adult is about 64 ounces or 8 full eight-ounce glasses.

Now, apparently some people find it difficult to consume the amount of water in one day, but do not worry, here's a solution if you have this problem.

Moreover, there is a subtle difference between the consumption of "sufficient" water and "excessive." Like all the excesses, but also has its share of problems if you push to the extreme. So be reasonable and safe drinking water "enough" day.


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