Sexy Face Characteristics

Monday, October 31, 2011

What is it that makes your face look beautiful? What are the variations between very eye-catching and less attractive faces? For every famous period and every human being lifestyle, people have always had their own best of attractiveness. But this best has never been continuous and is still topic to changes. In our research job we used an examine technique and designed prototypes for unsightly and eye-catching people for each sex by using the morphing technique. For example, the model for an unsightly experience ("unsexy face") was designed by mixing together four people that had in the past been performing as very unsightly. The "sexy face" was designed by mixing together four of the most eye-catching people, respectively.
In order to find out the element variations between eye-catching and unsightly people, we introduced sets of one  "sexy" and one  "unsexy" graphic for both genders to examine topic matter. The process was to review which face characteristics were recognized to be different between the two people.
Characteristic characteristics of the women "sexy face" in assessment to the "unsexy face":

  • Suntanned pores and skin
  • Smaller face appearance
  • Less fat
  • Larger area
  • A little greater range of little brown eyes
  • Dark, narrower eye eyebrows
  • More, longer and darker eyelash
  • Increased oral cavity bone
  • Smaller nasal area
  • No eye happens to be
  • Slimmer covers

Male faces: 
 Characteristics of the men "Sexy face" in the assessment to the "Unsexy face":
  • Browner pores and skin
  • Smaller face appearance
  • Less fat
  • Larger and more shaped location
  • Dark eye eyebrows
  • More and darker eyelash
  • Second 50 percent of the experience greater in regard to the cheaper
  • Increased oral cavity bone
  • Visible cheaper jaw
  • More prominent face
  • No higher eyebrows
  • Slimmer covers
  • No lines between nasal area and place of the lips


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