Healthy and Beautiful Nails

Friday, November 11, 2011

Healthy and Beautiful Nails

Women are very special ...

Care very much at all, including nail care is one of the treatments that not less important ... sometimes the nail is considered trivial because we rarely care and always say that it is not too important, but if we can be treated properly and in a simple way that can be done alone.. it is easy and can be done at home..

Tips to take care your nails to look healthy and beautiful by the way:

  • First we soak our hands in a vessel containing warm or cold water, it’s better cold water.
  • Then brush your nails with a small and soft brush, don’t be too hard because it can make the skin around the nails will wound.
  • After that, lift and dry hands with a small towel, prepare some types of nail care tools.
  • Clean the cuticle around the nails and cut nails, don’t be too short.
  • The final step to give a touch of nail polish or nail vitamins so the nail will get nutrition though we do various activities, our nails will not be broken and still look beautiful, as beautiful as the owner.


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