Foot Odor

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Foot Odor
Bromhidrosis is the medical name for foot odor. The reason is that sweaty feet and mixed with bacteria, resulting in isovaleric acid (a substance that smells.)

Got a problem with foot odor? How do I fix this? Here are some simple tips :

  1. Clean feet daily with mild soap and warm water.
  2. Drain thoroughly, especially in the area between the toes before you use footwear.
  3. Make it a habit sprinkle the foot with a special foot powder.
  4. Choose socks made from natural fibers (like cotton and wool).
  5. Choose footwear that can make your feet can breathe (for example, footwear of leather or material.)
  6. Provide two pairs of shoes that can be used interchangeably.
  7. Wind-aired footwear after you use it.
  8. Clean footwear regularly.


Krisha@podiatry emr said...

Taking good care of our feet is really very important.These are really excellent tips on how to prevent foot odor.

MyAdmin said...

Yes, I agree with you. Foot is a part of our body that must be taken care carefully.

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