Natural Recommendations for Healthful Hair

Sunday, November 13, 2011

For Dandruff
  • Rub the Head with pure avocado oil. This will also help locks development.
  • Apply avocado oil which has been boiled with small vegetables for about 20 mins. Clean it off with an assortment of green g dust and water used up from baked (boiled) grain.
  • Apply an assortment of almond oil and gooseberry liquid with fingers on the scalp.
  • Apply the heated mix of olive oil, fresh red liquid and avocado oil. Do a water -towel- place for 15 mins and wash the locks with a slight products.
  • Apply a substance of fenugreek and mustard to the scalp.
  • Mix Shikakai powder with the water used up from the baked grain and wash the locks with it.
  • Break  the simply leaves of five petal hibiscus plant and take the liquid. Clean the locks with this liquid.
  • High temperature oil with a little camphor. Submit an application the oil in the scalp and massage for 10 mins. After 30 minutes wash the locks with a natural products. Do the water -towel- place for 15 mins.

For Balanced and Vivid hair
  • It is better to use using castor oil for a healthful locks development.
  • Clean locks with tea once per A week.
  • Apply besan in the locks and wash it with water used up from the baked grain.
  • Saturate a handful of gooseberries in a cup of take advantage of for two time. Make a substance and apply on the locks.
  • Apply the mix of an egg white-colored, 2 spoons of using castor oil, 1 place glycerin, in the scalp and locks. Clean it after some time.
  • Rub locks with heated avocado oil an time before laundering. Let it soak. Cover your head with a hot hand towel and wash your locks after an time or so.
  • Come a few hibiscus flowers in avocado oil. Filter and use this locks oil to control locks loss and loss.
  • Do a 'steam-towel-wrap' once in a while, if your cuticles are destroyed, as this piping starts out the skin pores and takes up the oil.
  • Saturate 1 tsp fenugreek in curd and keep it for through the night time. Submit an application it in the next day.
  • Come avocado oil with the mindset of curry simply leaves, tulsi, hibiscus plant and gooseberry. Apply on locks, keep it for sometime and wash.
  • Take a cup each avocado and mustard oil. Saturate 50 % a cup of curry simply leaves in the oil mix and keep it for through the night time. Next day, heat on a slow fire until the curry simply leaves turn sharp. Remove from heat and add two to three camphor balls. Allow oil to cool and then strain. Submit an application oil to locks follicles using cotton wool along the separating and massage in round actions. Leave the oil immediately and products the next day. Repeat twice per A week.
  • Add a red peel to a 'shikakai' and 'amla' mix while laundering your locks.

For Graying
  • Take a little Mehandi , an egg, liquid of  50 % a red, one table place of instant coffee dust. Mix it together and apply on the locks. Clean it after 45 mins.
  • Come one cup of dry gooseberry with 4 servings of water. Add a little of sugar in it. Keep cooking until the quantity of the liquid reduces to one cup. Mix 2 servings of Mehendi, an egg, liquid of a red and the gooseberry remedy and apply on locks. Clean the locks after two time.

Natural Hair conditioners
  • Henna is a natural treatment with great conditioning abilities.
  • Egg white-colored is a great conditioner for Deep condition with curd, beer and egg
  • Mix a little vinegar in trouble and wash your locks with this remedy. This will add leap to unexciting and useless locks.


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