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Monday, May 9, 2011

Facts About Feet

Fact: The foot can withstand the friction of six times more powerful than any other limb. Therefore, if the feet were sore, that means the pain was so severe that arise.

Pain in the leg is the main cause of lower back pain. Because when leg pain, back also become different shape to relieve pressure from a sore foot.

Foot is also a reflection of problems in other body parts.

  1. Ulcer wounds in the legs, can mean you suffer from Diabetes, Ateroklerosis, or syphilis.
  2. Swollen toe that continues, it could mean that ADHD (Attention Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder).
  3. Pain in the feet tingle, it could mean there you are suffering from diabetes, or neurological disorders.
  4. A lump at the base of the toes and it hurt. It could mean you suffer from gout (a condition that affects the joints).

Footwear (particularly shoes) that do not fit in use can cause various problems. The evidence indicates, 80% of all foot problems experienced by women who often use high-heeled shoes.

Some foot problems caused in choosing wrong footwear, among them including whitlow, calluses, ingrown nails, smelly feet, pain in the heel, curve one or more joints in your little finger.


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