Reasons to Stop Smoking

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Surely this is the most powerful reason / factor to stop smiking. By simple calculation, if a day you smoke 2 packs of your favorite cigarettes then the nominal value of around USD $ 1-2. When multiplied by the number of days in a year then the value will be USD $ 365-730!
Now you can imagine your feelings when burn that much money

When you were a smoker, it could be said that your appearance can never be clearly defined (that is still not known aliases messy). Because there are a lot of fumes around you. You’ll look so bad.
After stop smoking, everyone who met you will always comment, "Well, now you look so fresh...".
It can be said that smoking make your appearance bad.

This is so clear.. Smoking is a bad habit for our health. There are a lot of poison materials in it. Many people knew it but the keep smoking. I understand that it’s not easy to stop that habit.
If you stopped smoking, your body became more lightly and especially your bad smell breath and body will decreased.

Trends and Lifestyle
Incidentally now the trend is not smoking anymore. Also present in many public places already banned smoking except in specific areas that have been defined.

Are your all family smokers? If no, really you should be aware that passive smoker is more dangerous than you as active smoker. I’m sure you don’t want to see your family sick because of your bad habit.


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