Ways to Stop Smoking

Friday, September 30, 2011

Reduce the number of cigarettes smoked per day
The process to quit smoking does not necessarily do. However smoker body is already conditioned by the nicotine and tar of course will do a big protest action if a sudden supply of poison was stopped abruptly.
Therefore, you must reduce by stages. Reduce cigarettes you smoke everyday.

Reduce levels of nicotine in cigarettes smoked per day
After successfully reducing the clove cigarettes that you inhaled per day, now you can move smoking cigarettes with tar and nicotine levels are low.

Active sports
To balance your metabolism has definitely changed, try to do some sports activity. Every day jog about 30 minutes around the neighborhood home. Sometimes when you get more spirit to go to the gym close to home for weight training.

Do not sleep too late
Having been accustomed to working like crazy pursued the project completion deadline of the client or the office, so you often sleep late at night even until dawn. Sometimes to drive out the cold, sleepiness and feeling bored so you end up smoking. We know that it’s bad habit. Decide to discipline the time. Although working at home, you only work from 9am to 5pm. If required to work overtime because of deadline, usually never more than 10 pm. I think it’s good schedule. So you have enough time to sleep at night.

Ask your family to nag frequently
These tips are very powerful for some people, especially your wife. Your wife is someone who knows everything about you. She will not be tired ask you to stop smoking.


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