Healthy Diet

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Healthy Diet

For your body to stay slim, does not mean you should not eat well. Many ambitious to some people who lose weight often do a super strict diet, eating only once a day or only eat fruit. However, such is not fat loss. Precisely limp body was no power. Unbridled appetite will turn up and diet program had failed.

Reduce eating without exercising or taking weight loss medication can sometimes lose kilogram of body weight, weight loss, but often it does not continue.

Diet without exercise or a diet that is not quite right will make the body experience a variety of issues, among others:

  1. Loss of muscle mass. By not exercising, then you do not maintain muscle mass is one of its functions is to burn calories. To maintain muscle mass, you are advised to do weight training.
  2. Loss of water due to loss of carbohydrate. Nutrition is the body's main energy source. Carbohydrates associated with the water will be stored in muscle and liver in the form of glycogen. So, if you reduce consumption of carbohydrates, then it will reduce water and glycogen in the body.
  3. Loss of water due to loss of salt. Salt makes the body retain water. When you do the diet, such as only eating fruits and vegetables, causing unconsciously helped reduce salt consumption and lead water suspended in the body is also reduced.

When your diet does not work, more often due to physiological factors, not psychological. Because carbohydrates by drastically reducing the body fat in defensive mode conditions. Weight loss might be reduced, but the substance is lost is water and carbohydrates. Often, because of weight loss, you give good food a little gift (which is mostly sugar). At this, the problem of your diet begins. At the time of sugary foods into the body, the hormone serotonin in the brain increased, and the body feels comfortable with the situation. The brain then "forced" to continue to eat carbohydrates. Unwittingly weight rose again and even heavier than before.


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