Family Dinner

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Family Dinner

The importance of eating together in the family has been shown in studies conducted by the University of Minnesota, Harvard and Rutgers. Research shows that children who always ate with their parents will eat more fruits, vegetables, foods rich in calcium, vitamins, nutrients, and consume less junk food.

Several other studies show that children who always ate with a lower-risk families do bad behavior, like smoking, taking drugs, and consuming alcohol.

Children from families who are very attached to consume healthy foods that get better grades in school and low risk taking illegal drugs, cigarettes, and alcohol.

For children who rarely ate with the family, the daughter of his own dinner to consume fewer fruits, vegetables, calcium-rich foods, and consume more food and soft drinks than girls who ate with her parents. Girls who eat with their parents consume more calories.

Boys who do not eat with their parents consume fewer vegetables and calcium-rich foods than boys who ate with her parents.

The reason for having dinner with the family cause this big difference is unclear. It may be:
  1. Parents cook better food at dinner together.
  2. Parents pay more attention to healthy food for family members.
  3. Parents have to take the example of good eating habits for their children.

Mealtimes are often the only chance for parents to keep children, following their lives, assess the behavioral and physical changes that often the sign problem.

Families who eat dinner separately at the clock to try to eat together in the morning.


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