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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Healthy Tips For Active Women

Health body is very important for the active woman. However, living in a metropolitan city that is always busy would be difficult for us to maintain a healthy lifestyle. For this reason, the woman who was always active in his work every day really necessary to always keep the body fit and healthy. Here are tips for your healthy active women.

Stop smoking

Smoking is one cause of death in the United States. If you are a woman who smoked, the risk of heart disease and cancer will be quite large, especially if you use oral contraceptives. Beware of cigarette smoke in the workplace or at home.

Control your weight

Besides having a leaner body that unsightly, maintain weight big beneficial to health. Women have a tendency to increase in high blood pressure if their weight 20 pounds or above the recommended weight. If you're too fat, especially around the waist, you are a big risk for some health problems such as diabetes, heart disease and stroke. Avoid too much consumption of carbohydrates, sugars and fatty foods.

Keep your cholesterol levels

High cholesterol is the biggest risk factor for heart disease and indirectly increases the risk of stroke. According to the Heart Association in the United States, a woman at the age of 55 years a tendency to be higher cholesterol than men.

Vegetable Consumption

Multiply eating foods rich in fiber, such as vegetables and fruit with low cholesterol content. Several studies have confirmed an association between consumption of vegetables with reduced risk of cancer.

Reduce fat

Recommendations diabetes management is to reduce the amount of fat to 30% of calories. Sources of fat include cheese or margarine, cooking oil, meat and dairy products. If you want to use oil, use olive oil. Do not avoid fat altogether because this substance is still needed by the body.

Enough rest

It is important for the body to relax. You can do several ways such as meditation, breathing long, walk or even just simply reading a favorite book.


Exercise can help you live a healthier and even your life will be more productive. Recent research indicates that simple changes in routines of daily life will be beneficial to health. Try parking your car some distance away and walk into the room, climbing stairs is better than relying on the elevator. Keep your body is always moving.

Pap smear test regularly

This test will detect changes in cervical pre-cancers at an early stage. Initial therapy in this condition will prevent the further spread of cancer.

Check blood pressure

The higher your blood pressure, the higher the risk of heart disease. Consult with your doctor about steps to be taken to maintain blood pressure at healthy levels.

Regular breast checks

Meet your gynecologist and ask him when you start the program regularly. Early detection is the recommended prevention efforts. Preventing is always better than cure right?


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