Do We Need Vitamin C?

Thursday, September 29, 2011

We can find a lot of vitamin c in everyday life both at the supermarkets or in stores, where vitamin C is sold at a fairly cheap. Many preparations are offered, ranging from levels of 500 mg there is also a 1000 mg, there is an orange flavor, or taste wine, melons, strawberries, etc.. The form is also variety in the form of pure tablets, there is a form of effervescent tablets (must be soaked in water first, after which the water can be drunk) to the form of syrup with a variety of flavors that are ready to drink. Do we need to consume?

Actually that is vitamin C is ascorbat acid, this vitamin has a water-soluble nature, because it is water soluble, the body can not store it for long, so we need an adequate supply of vitamin C every day. Actually, if we eat everyday to follow a balanced diet, we certainly will not lack vitamin c, because a lot of foods rich in vitamin C such as orange, papaya, red pepper and yellow pepper, grapes, mangoes, broccoli and many more. While the need for vitamin C per day is only about less than 45 mg a day.

Then, whether we should drink extra vitamin C?

It doesn’t matter, considering about the function of vitamin C which is very much such as antioxidants, play a role in the formation of collagen (Collagen is the protein that also helps in the formation of bone, cartilage, muscle and blood vessels). In addition, another function of vitamin c which is to assist the absorption of iron, also maintain capillaries, bones and teeth.

How much we drink vitamin C, we know that there are up to 1000 mg, is it okay for us?. We can consume it but must be remembered that the highest limit can still be tolerated by the body is 2000 mg per day.


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