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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Do Children Can Also Hit by Stroke?

Stroke does not only occur in adults or elderly. Stroke can also occur in children and infants. The incidence of stroke in children about 2 to 5 per 100,000 children per year, while the incidence rate in infants up to 25 per 100,000 infants per year.

Beware if your child often gets a headache, migraine or headache in certain parts, and eyes feel dizzy. Moreover, when 1 to 2 hours later headache became increasingly, even accompanied by vomiting, convulsions, and lost consciousness. No one can expect that the original child can speak fluently eventually become stammered, any sudden movement of her body rigid and become paralyzed.

The symptoms are not only experienced by children of school age, but also in infants. Babies will usually be fussy constantly, refusing to drink milk, vomiting, and seizures. Subsequently followed by decreased consciousness, weakness, even paralysis.

If your child shows clinical symptoms, parents should immediately take him to the doctor. All the symptoms are a sign of an irregularity in the brain, which is commonly known as stroke.

Based on the cause, a stroke can be divided into hemorrhagic stroke and not hemorrhagic stroke (ischemic). Ischemic stroke associated with the blockage or narrowing of blood vessels in the brain. Stroke most occur in children. The causes include, namely:
  1. Hypoxia, or lack of oxygen, for example in newborns
  2. Lack of vitamin K, which can cause blood vessels to break easily, especially in newborns
  3. Heart abnormalities. Heart problems led to disruption of blood supply, nutrients and oxygen to the brain. It may also occur in cardiac postoperative patients.
  4. Conflict or head trauma in children that allow for bleeding on the brain.
  5. Viral or bacterial infection that can spread to the brain, such as encephalitis or meningitis.
  6. Congenital abnormalities of blood vessels where blood vessels can rupture at any time.
  7. Blood clotting disorders, such as very low platelet levels so that the fragile blood vessels.
  8. Diseases such as leukemia, tumor, and so forth.
  9. Stress the impact of pressure on the flow of blood vessels, so blood vessels will constrict and the blockages to the blood vessel happened brain. Conditions that may facilitate the occurrence of stroke.


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