Diabetics Diet

Friday, May 20, 2011

Diet Principles For Diabetics

Foods that are recommended for diabetics (peoples with diabetes) should contain nutrients with the carbohydrate composition of 55-75% (of total caloric needs), 10-20% protein, and fat 20-30%.

Principles for diabetics diet is as follows:

  1. Consumption of complex carbohydrates, such as: rice, potatoes, pasta (macaroni, spaghetti, etc.), noodles, rice noodles, bread, cereals, legumes, vegetables, and beans.
  2. Consumption of foods high in fiber, for example: coarse grained bread, peas, red beans, vegetables, and fresh fruit.
  3. Reduce consumption of foods that contain lots of fat (butter / margarine, oil, cream, cheese, sausage, ice cream, cake or sweet bread flavor.)
The principle of division of the daily food servings for diabetes, arranged for portions spread throughout the day with a schedule of three main meals and three times a distraction.

Diabetes disease is indeed a challenge for you. But this does not mean you can no longer enjoy life. What is important is to control your blood sugar levels by taking healthy behavior, such as eating nutritious foods in a balanced and appropriate. Undoubtedly you will feel healthier and happier!


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