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Thursday, August 25, 2011

For the bloggers who often linger in front of the screen of your Laptop/PC should consider the following tips if they do not want their eyes minus (blur when viewing in long distance). Every time in front of a monitor, hard-working organ is the eye, moreover for a long time, the eye will increasingly work hard. Why the eyes have to work hard?.

Our eyes see normally when the distance between screen and eye is also normal that is five times the diagonal screen. For example if the screen size of 14 inches, the normal distance is 70 inches or 1.7 meters. When visibility is too close, then the eye will make the process of accommodation (curve than normal) and when in the long term structural changes will occur in the eye.

These changes will result in the shadow of objects that enter the eye does not fall on a normal point  as in normal people. This is called Myopic or Minus. Usually require the assistance of concave lens spectacles to correct the shadows fall in normal point. Besides glasses now can be also with the help of contact lens or can be overcome by laser beam. This disorder (minus) is faster occurs in children who have parents with minus glasses.

Tips to avoid myopic or minus eye :

Try when you are in front of the monitor screen is nothing more than an hour.
If it is still less should stop for a minute, followed by standing or can be to another room for just a drink. Then use the time to make the eyes look so relaxed with objects that are far while nictitate to make eyes wet (tears used as a lubricant).


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