Skin Types and Fruits Benefits

Monday, November 14, 2011

It’s so long time we don’t discus some tips & tricks for you, and now let us see new tips related to Skin Types and Fruits Benefits. These tips would have been familiar to the readers, but you can forget about this or any tips as often indifferent to her, well, hopefully these tips will still be useful to the readers.

One part of the body that can support your appearance is the face. With a clean and fresh faces, you will be more confident. There are many ways to keep the freshness of the face, one with the use of vitamin content in fruits.

There are so many problem related with any facial skin type. There is an oily, with the characteristics of continuous discharge of oil on the face around the forehead, nose, chin, and the cheek at the bottom of the cheekbone. In general, this type of skin covered with acne easily. For this type, then the cucumber can help overcome them. This nutritious fruits smooth and relaxe the skin, helps relieve the pores and remove impurities from the skin. Thus acne can be prevented. In addition to cucumbers, tomatoes can also help restore the balance of oil on oily skin, so the face is always fresh and natural.

The second type of facial skin is dry skin types. Usually, the skin looks dull or glossy, sometimes feels tense (interested), scaly, and itchy. State biscuits pores often appear withered and rough, and wrinkled, so it looks older than actual age. Fruit is good for consumption for this type of skin is carrot. Vitamin A in carrots is required for maintenance of epithelial tissue (tissue that is the skin surface). Carotene contained in carrots is also a function to keep the skin moist, slow down wrinkles on the face, and always make the face look radiant. In addition, pineapple can also be your alternative. Therefore, this fruit contains a substance that functions sum up the pores so skin looks smooth.

Another case with normal skin types. In between these two types of skin before, the ideal is normal skin types. This type of skin is not oily nor dry. In addition, the texture is smooth and feels soft to the touch. For this type of skin, avocado can be your choice. Avocado mask can help care for normal skin types. Therefore, a high fat content can moisturize the skin and protects skin from the influence of sunlight.
  • Carrots can be consumed by raw or boiled carrots or make juice
(Tips boil vegetables: vitamins in vegetables remains to be guaranteed, then before entering the vegetables, boiled water with salt to taste and a little sugar; sugar handy to keep the vitamins in vegetables stay awake and not discarded with the cooking water.


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