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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Lip health should always be maintained. Problems that commonly occur on the lips are dry and cracked lips - broken. This certainly can damage the beauty of the lips. Lips that broke easily hurt and cause pain. If this condition is not treated, can cause infections of the lips. For women, a split lip that is used to make lipstick does not stick well so DAPT interfere with performance. Therefore, what are the causes of dry lips and broken - broken? Then how do I prevent dry and cracked lips - broken?
To be able to overcome the problem of dry lips and broken - broken, we need to know what are the causes of dry lips and broken - broken.

The causes are as follows:
  •  Air pollution and dust containing free radicals can damage the skin layer of the lips.
  •  Temperature changes that can make your lips can not adapt, causing a split lip
  •  Foods that are too acidic or salty
  •  Smoking, drinking coffee or alcoholic beverages
  •  Lack of fruit and vegetable consumption
  •  Lack of drinking water
  •  Using the chemical cosmetics too hard or because allergic to certain cosmetics
  •  Toothpaste that contains a lot of detergent
  •  The habit of licking his lips with saliva

 After you know the cause of dry and cracked lips, we should take precautions so that we don’t feel split lip that can make us less confident.
  Some ways to prevent dry and cracked lips are as follows:

  Use a lip balm with sunscreen and moisturizer

 Sunlight is one factor that causes dry lips use sunscreen on the lips is important. So also with the necessary moisturizers to damp lips stay awake during the day activities.

  Choose the appropriate lipstick and moisturizing

 When buying cosmetics, consider abortion. Choose cosmetics or lipstick that contains emollient and made from natural and contain moisturizers.

  Wet your lips feel dry when the water

 Do not wet the lips by licking her lips, because the saliva glands and enzymes are the fancy can irritate the lips so that the lips will get dry. Just use water or drink a glass of water to wet her lips.

  Drink 8 glasses of water a day

 This will prevent dehydration that can make the lips become dry

  Immediately clean the rest of lipstick before going to sleep

 The remaining lipstick can be cleaned using a soft toothbrush and scrub brush my lips to lips with a circular motion for several minutes. Can also use a soft towel dipped in warm water to clean lips.

  Consumption of fruit and vegetables

 Choose vegetables and fruits that contain vitamin C, B, E and minerals. Water content contained on the lips also helps the body avoid dehydration.

  Stay away from the lifestyle of smoking or drinking alcohol

 The chemicals contained in cigarettes can cause a black color on the lips. While alcohol can make the resulting dehydration are dry lips

  Apply lip moisturizer at night before bed.

 In addition to using lip moisturizer that is sold, you can use honey as a natural moisturizer that can provide nutrients to the lips.
 By knowing the cause of the problem of dry lips and broken - broken and how to prevent it, surely you would care this tiny organ in your face this. Fascinating and beautiful face be yours.


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