Supplements Addiction

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Beware Addiction of Supplements!
Many people who lack understanding consume multivitamins, minerals in high doses, and other supplements that come from other countries. Though it is not impossible that the product is only suitable for people in the country created a supplement.

Supplements may include nutrients such as vitamins, or non-nutrients, such as herbs that are not essential (in the sense of not needed by the body).

Supplements in general should be consumed every day. Various functions of supplements for the body to:

  1. Adding the function of eating and other nutrition
  2. Strengthen the immune system

The content contained in supplements is wide enough, for example: vitamins, multivitamins, or other nutritious foods. Sometimes also added honey, herbs, and minerals in it.

Not everyone needs supplements. Although in certain body conditions, supplements are needed for the body. For example:
  1. If you are in a state of anemia
  2. Poor nutrition because no appetite
  3. People who lay sick in a long time
  4. Recovering from an illness
  5. People who need a lot of power due to heavy activity

Keep your intake of vitamins (especially fat-soluble), for example: vitamins A, D, E, and K so as not to be at high doses. If they are consumed in the large number and will continue to be stored in the liver, which over time will settle and trigger disease. Avoid taking vitamin E for more than 400 grams a day continuously.

In addition, the guard is also on the intake of water-soluble vitamins (e.g. vitamin C). Excess doses of vitamin C, but still less than 1000 mg, can be tolerated by the body. If the above 1000 mg, especially with conditions that are less water consumption can cause kidney stones.

How to wisely choose supplement:
  1. Thorough and selective, please read first the content and rules first
  2. Looking for health info from credible sources to add insight and prevent misperceptions
  3. Remember that the body condition of each person is different. Similarly, the requirement
  4. Contact your doctor if you are unsure of a supplement

Some facts to consider:
  1. Intake of supplements containing vitamin A excess can lead to chapped skin, kidney stones, and bone disorders
  2. Big mistake if you consider vitamin C is useful for treating canker. Canker occurs not because of lack of vitamin C but more due to the diseases that arise due to the sensitivity of oral mucosa or mucus. Generally occurs in people who eat too much spicy, sour, and salty.
  3. Lack of vitamin C causes sores on the edge of the mouth
  4. Children may use the supplements for particular cases, such as lack of appetite. Use a supplement that comes from within the city, because supplements are derived from overseas do not necessarily match the needs of our bodies.


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