Female Beauty and How to Pamper Yourself

Sunday, November 20, 2011

The woman is a beautiful work of God who is full of charm at all times. A woman's beauty radiated from her face is not that beautiful but also inner beauty contained in it, but no doubt the first time the eye could see before seeing the inner beauty will be focused will be focused on appearance and body beauty .... There are many ways and products available to the women who want to care for and beautify the body, ranging from traditional to natural treatments and plastic surgery .... So many option and so does the risk that occurs, the more advanced technology and beauty products in use the side effects will also be more deadly .... So be careful to choose products and beauty tools imaginable.
From the most ancient traditional body treatments never fade and cease although it may currently very lacking in practical use because they are less but getting more and more scientists continue to try to find a way how to use natural products with simple and easy so that the wearer will get the maximum results you and without damaging the skin if use long term as well as stalled.

There are a lot of natural beauty care products and body treatments places which is now famous as SPA Care, and various treatments like:

i.e. who performed with massage using scented oils who can improve blood circulation and provide the smell well for the skin and also the mind .... kind of massages also vary from traditional massage, stone massage, shiatsu, Thai massage, herbal massage, ayurvedic massage and deep tissue massage.

Body Scrub and Body Mask:
Well done once a week to remove dirt and maintain the skin to keep it bright skins and also nourishes the outer skin needful, this you can get depends on type of scrubs you are using

Aromatherapy burner:
Very good for stress therapy, from the aroma of essential du reply will burn in the burner bowl can affect the brain so your brain can relax the stress and tension reply. Can also be used at once for air freshener. Combine just a few drops of essential oils in a burner and burn the candle from the bottom, who repeat as often as you want, for the choice of scent there are many options to taste, for those who in a state of stress is recommended to choose the scent of lavender and lemon grass treatment is not only blind woman but could also be for the entire family.

 This is a special treatment for women who do not remove the smell and odor on women whitish and make you a doormat vital organ.... There are two ways the use of hundreds of systems using fumigation or steam. For evaporation is very practical .... You can enter fragrant into buckets filled with water and boil and you sat on it for 15 minutes without the use of clothes in the steam until it is gone. 

Bathing Spices:
For those who have a bathtub you can choose this treatment, simply by soaking bath herbs into your bath water before you bathe, you can dry and thereafter to be used again until the aroma of this spice is lost. The function is which can eliminate the scent of body odor, eliminates fatigue and reduce stress protracted.

Salt bath:
Almost the same as no 5 bath, but this can relax the skin and make your legs smooth (available in foot salt) enough for you to soak for 15-20 minutes before you shower

There are many other beauty treatment which is made from natural ingredients and easy to use at home. Therefore, please read all the articles on this blog.


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