Beautiful eyes with Scotch Tape

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Eyes are the windows genuine heart that radiates beauty. No wonder if the makeup around the eyes is always a major concern. Various corrective eye makeup tricks also appear to reduce the shortcomings of this one. One of them, scotch tape, transparent tape that can make eyes look more "alive". "Recipe" is in addition to correcting the shape of the eye is less than perfect, also look younger and skin look tight, but still natural.

Genetic factors, such as eye shape is not symmetrical or eyelids that
slack due to age or excessive fat is one of the problems that often interfere with performance. To disguise it a moment, the skin on the eye can be "arrested" with scotch tape. If corrective no "severe", the tape can be removed after installation of false eyelashes. If the eyelid skin is rope, duct tape should not be removed. In the eyelid is not doubled, the tape can serve to make the folds of the petals. After the affairs of the tape is finished, stay tune facial with natural makeup for maximum results.
  1. The first step carefully which parts of the eye to be corrected. If your eyes are shaped eyes of a cat (cat eyes) with the tip of a sharp eye, eye correction lies in the inner corner of eye.
  2. Forms and following the curve of the eye tape scissors and glue on the top eye lids to close folds. Before attaching the tape, pull the eyelid up, especially the part you want in the correction.
  3. After that pairs of false eyelashes, flops and unite with the original. After that eye tape can be removed and wrinkles around the eyes would be disguised.
  4. Smoky eyes are soft and fresh impression is the most appropriate style of makeup, for corrective eye.
  5. Accuracy when doing so affect the outcome of corrective eye makeup.
  6. Tape is generally used hypoalergic so it is generally safe for all skin types.
  7. For the case of a severe eye, this tape can be kept attached, disguised by giving a thicker eye shadow.


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