Armpit And Feet Odor

Monday, August 29, 2011

Every part of our body normally always covered with hairs that is different in each person, there is a thick, there is a very thin, almost invisible, which is often questioned is the girl / woman has the legs and arms and underarm hair thick, so stubborn and annoyed with this hair. While the male, this hair certainly is not a problem.

There are many ways to eliminate them, including the traditional way, but this way we can be sure hair will grow again as before. How not to grow anymore?

Actually why this hair can be different on each person, it's all fair because hair growth is influenced by Testosterone hormones and this hormones in women generally were always low.

Hair or fur is like plants that have roots, so before the roots are removed or destroyed, they would grow again, so if it's just limited to the surface of the hair is removed at any time without damaging the roots (as with traditional treatment earlier) will continue to grow again.

To permanently remove the hair or fur, the hair must be destroyed to its roots, so that the hair cells would also be damaged and not expected to grow back again. The way can be the electrolysis or laser. But lately this laser therapy with the results somewhat less convincing because not all lasers can remove hair permanently, which often happens is that the laser could only slow down hair growth period only. To find out more details about this laser treatment, I suggest you consult with a genital and skin specialist.


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