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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Oral health is closely associated with gum, some of you probably paid little attention to the problem of gum, but when it's sick really very inconvenient, well, everything feels bad.

Gums or in medical language is better known by the gingival is soft tissue covering the neck of the teeth and jaw bones, both located on the upper jaw and lower jaw, the gum itself is also a single one of the supporting tissues of teeth.

Gums are no inherent right to the jaw bone, there is patched on teeth neck. This section is called edge-free gum (free marginal gingival). Edge-free gum that is located between two adjacent teeth is called the interdental papilla.

Abnormalities of the gums is usually inflammation or infection by germs, known as gingivitis or more commonly known as canker sores. Healthy gums can be known when looking these signs :
  • The color is pink.
  • Gums become embedded in the jawbone.
  • Having a shape like the blade and the surrounding teeth like a crescent moon.
  • There is no pain.
  • No bleeding.
  • No swelling.

If your gums do not look like signs above immediately checked and know what the cause.


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