Caries and Diet

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Caries is one of the teeth and mouth disease caused by several factors. Diet is one of the young trend now, especially for girls who want to look more sexy and maintain slimness of his body. But what is the relationship between caries and diet? here I'll try to explain a little.

Basically the relationship between caries and diet are very simple and easy to understand, some people who undergo a healthy diet and healthy living act will decrease dental problems. Why, this is due to reduced consumption of sugar in the body and consume more foods with ingredients or natural sweeteners such as fruit that is very good for the body and for healthy teeth and mouth. When we eat fruits like apples, it will indirectly help to naturally clean teeth brushing can be likened to us, now strongly recommended to use the apple menu cover or replace your snack with fruits. In addition to make our teeth and mouth healthy then our body stay slim.

The relationship between diet and caries closely related to the amount of sweetener or sugar consumption is consumed by our bodies, in fact teeth and mouth as an oral warning gate and extraordinary. If the food we eat is not good for the body or visible harm then the symptom will be seen in the area surrounding the oral cavity such as: tonsillitis, thrush, caries, sore throat and others. Then identify the food you consume. Highly recommended for return to simple life and return to nature. My advice from now on leave food with chemicals and get back to Natural.


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