Prioritize the Organic

Monday, July 18, 2011

Prioritize the Organic

There are several lists of organic foods that need to be added to our shopping list. Particularly anything to do with diet food. As for foods that are prioritized in the list of organic foods is as follows:

  • dairy
  • poultry and eggs
  • meat
  • apples and pears
  • raspberry and strawberry
  • cherry
  • nectarines and peaches
  • grape
  • celery and bell pepper
  • potatoes
Why should the organic? Yes, we know that organic food is all kinds of foods derived from living organisms (such as animal or plant). Without using additional fertilizers or pesticides in its growth.
Some of the advantages of organic are:
  1. Rich in vitamins and minerals our body needs for growth.
  2. In the production process to reduce the level of risk damage to the environment.
  3. Having a durable power of natural (not stale so fast and do not use preservatives.)


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