Picky Eater

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Picky Eater

After the first year the children have passed through periods of complementary foods that starts with a slurry of liquid, slurry continued rough, soggy rice until the rice team. After one year the child is expected to enter the stage of eating food that is in accordance with the family (table food). Nutrition is expected to be met from the food intake, while milk as a source of calcium.

But what if the child does not want to eat food that we offer? What if the kids just want one or two types of food only and do not want to eat other foods? Is it true when this happens my son suffer from eating disorders (eating disorder) and require therapy? Patience, hold your breath, and make sure whether that included the eating disorders.

Then what about the picky eater? Is this a sign of an allergic child? Or sign a child is sick? Or need a vitamin supplement and liquid milk even for fear of malnutrition? Can you believe that the picky eater is one phase in the life of toddlers, which means that all deal with it. And it can pass very well. The atmosphere of dining and consistency of parents in feeding will help deal with the selection of these foods. Consistency of parents in providing direction to guide the child in a healthy diet on its future later and never mentioned giving supplements of vitamin, mineral or liquid food handling.

Smart, thorough, consistent will help you in feeding the toddler and not get caught up in providing instant solutions that really are not helpful in building healthy eating itself. Be a role model is best for your toddler.
Let us give the stock of knowledge, attitude and behavior of healthy eating for our kids, because now for the future!


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