Healthy in Eating

Friday, July 8, 2011

Healthy in Eating

Here are five strategies to improve nutrition and encourage healthy eating:
  1. Schedule regular family meals
  2. Serve some healthy meals and snacks
  3. Be a guide of good eating
  4. Avoid quarrels about food
  5. Involve children in food process
Some ways of integrating these five strategies in your daily life:

Family Dining
Eating with family is a fun event for children and parents. Children like a regular family meals and parents the opportunity to interact with children. Children who participate in regular family meals were:
  • More often to eat vegetables, fruits and cereals
  • Rarely to consume snacks and unhealthy food
  • Rarely to smoke, drink alcohol or drugs
Family dining is also an opportunity to introduce new healthy foods to children and serve as an example where a healthy diet.

Teenagers can be difficult to be invited to eat together because of busy family and their desire for independence. However, research shows that teens still want advice and guidance from parents, for that use mealtime as an opportunity to interact. You can consider the following ways:
  • Allow your teen to invite friends for dinner.
  • Involve your teen in meal planning and preparation
  • Keep the atmosphere remains pleasant meal, without debate or instructions
Family dining is when you and your family eat together, both with outside food or homemade. Serve healthy foods and the time when all can come together. This can mean dinner (or a little more night) to accommodate the children busy. It can also provide a special time at the weekend like Sunday afternoon.
Provide healthy food
Children, especially young children will eat what is available at home. Because it is very important to control the supply of food for meals and snacks. Guidelines that can help:
  • Include fruits and vegetables into a routine, with a target of at least 5 servings a day. Make sure you serve vegetables and fruits at every meal.
  • Simplify the child to choose healthy snacks by providing vegetables and fruit ready to eat. Other snacks can be low-fat yogurt, peanut butter, wheat crackers and cheese.
  • Serve lean meats and other healthy protein sources, such as fish, eggs, nuts and seeds.
  • Choose cereals and breads, for fiber intake of children
  • Limit your fat intake by avoiding fried foods dry and choose another way to cook more healthy: boiling, steaming, grilling. Choose low-fat dairy products or non-fat.
  • Limit fast food and low-nutrition snacks like chips, candy. But do not limit at all. Create enough of these foods as occasional food.
  • Limit drinks with sugar like soda and fruit-flavored drinks. Better Serve water and low-fat milk.

Being an example
Eat healthy is the best way to encourage children to healthy eating. Children will follow the adults they see every day. By eating fruits and vegetables and not eating nutritious foods that do not then you send the right message.

Another way is a good example by eating appropriate portions. Talk your satiety, especially in young children. You can say that the food is delicious but you're already full and will stop eating. But be careful, because parents who diet excessively or complain about their body shape to give the same negative feelings on their children. For that always give a positive approach about food in children.
Do not make dispute about food
It was easy to quarrel about the best food. The best way is to give children some control but bound foods available at home at your option than to persuade parents of children with gifts or bribes for the child eat the food we want.

Children should be determining when they are hungry, what will they eat from the food we serve and when they are full. Parents determine food served to children either at meals or snacks. Guidelines that can be considered:
  • Create a schedule of meals and snacks are fixed.
  • Do not force children to clean up food on her plate. Doing that will make children do not pay attention their satiety
  • Do not persuade the child with gifts of food. Avoid using dessert as a reward if your child eats
  • Do not use food as a way of showing affection. When you want to express my love then give your child a hug, your time with him and praise.

Include children
Many children enjoy when determining what will be served at dinner. Talk with them about the plans the menus and select foods that are healthy and balanced. Some may want to help buy and prepare food. While in the store teach children to look at food labels so that they begin to understand what to look for.
In the kitchen, according to the child's ability to adjust task. Do not forget to praise the child after its completion.

Lunch to school can also be a lesson materials for children. If you can help children think about their lunch then you can help the child towards positive change. Discuss about what food they want or to the store to choose healthy foods (which is already finished).

Another thing that is very important why the child involved is that it will prepare them to take decisions about what food they want. Not expecting a child suddenly wants vegetables rather than fries, but healthy eating habits you build now will produce healthier choices throughout their lives.


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