Balanced Nutrition to Slim

Friday, June 3, 2011

Balanced Nutrition To Slim

Hoping to get a slim body that does not mean you're not eating at all. If you go on a diet, then set the nutrient or nutrients the body needs, also followed the diet both in terms of frequency, quantity, and quality, including considering how best to cultivate foods. It’s better if you choose foods that are processed without being fried, but boiled enough or burned.

Despite being on a diet, you still need a balanced nutrition, namely carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, minerals and fat. It all amounts to suit the needs of the body and not excessive, you may also need to replace or add some sources of these nutrients with a more healthy food.

  1. Simple carbohydrates, like sugar, bread flour, instant noodles, sweet drinks, and white rice is easily absorbed into the body and stored body fat. Replace with complex carbohydrates that are less sweet, but slowly absorbed by the body, such as brown rice (the old color as rich in fiber), oatmeal, bread wheat, corn, sweet potatoes and pasta. We recommend that you do not choose instant oatmeal because it usually contains sweeteners.
  2. Actual fibers or fiber carbohydrate that can not be digested if the body. Increase the consumption of fiber foods to prevent accumulation of fat, improve bowel function, and assist the process of muscle formation.
  3. Replace the use of sugar and palm sugar consisting of sucrose and can cause fat accumulation, with honey is a simple sugar that can be immediately absorbed by the body and generate instant energy. Therefore, the relative does not cause obesity.
  4. You can still enjoy a protein derived from animals during the diet. In order not to damage the process of reduction of body fat, choose low-fat source of protein. For example, choose chicken breast instead of chicken thighs. Or select beef has in part. Another source of animal protein, low in calories, no calories and no fat is egg white. Low-fat milk is also an option because it is rich in protein and calcium, and can provide satiety effect.
  5. Not all fats you should avoid. Although the body has a lot of unwanted fat, you still need to consume dietary fat as raw material for hormones and enzymes in the process of metabolism, regulate the function of organs, brain, and protective organs. We recommend that you choose unsaturated fats, such as those contained in the avocado, sunflower seeds, natural butter jelly, olive oil, and soybean oils that help lubricate the blood vessels that facilitate the process of burning body fat, strengthen the cell wall structure, and helps hormone production.
  6. The body also requires vitamins and minerals, like calcium, phosphorus and magnesium for bones, potassium and sodium chloride to the muscle, and iron for blood. A good source is the low-fat dairy, nuts, seeds, and green vegetables. However, it should be remembered that the diet should be supported with the sport to the success of the process of erosion of fat. Can consult with your doctor before you go on a diet, especially when having diabetes or hypertension.


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