Big Mistake In Diet

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Big Mistake In Diet
For those who like the ideal body shape, of course, have to maintain a healthy lifestyle and balanced. However, it is not easy to apply. In fact, most people are wrong to do the right diet.

Here are some common mistakes that are often encountered when dieting and tips about it.

No breakfast

Diet by avoiding breakfast will be bad for health. You will feel hungry at work and tend to eat foods that are unhealthy for the body. Always carry food in transit, such as fruit, yogurt or fat-free cereal.

Family's favorite food

Baby or your husband must have a favorite meal and it is very difficult to avoid in the family menu. The problem is almost every family's favorite dishes are the foods high in fat and calories. So, eat your favorite menu in small portions and a large serving of salad or vegetables in your menu. Try to replace the family favorite low-fat foods.

Social over-eating

Most people tend to eat up to about four times a day while traveling. That's why you need a few strategies to eat when you're traveling. Look for a menu that serves low-calorie dishes, such as roasted or grilled dishes and the best you can always control the calories in food consumed.

Too much Expectation

Too hoping to lose weight in a short time is facing the biggest mistake dieters. If you really want to lose weight, try to reduce them no more than half a pound to two pounds a week. Many people expect a greater weight loss tends to start again and give up if it hopes not immediately be reached. Guided by the phrase “Slowly but certain” it is more appropriate.


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