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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Tips to Overcome Stress During Pregnancy

Stress during pregnancy can adversely affect you and your baby in the womb. Of course in life, we can not prevent something bad events occur (e.g. death, loss of something, work stress, family problems, etc.), and we also can not just change our emotional.

But you can try a few tips for dealing with stress during your pregnancy to protect you and your baby from the negative effects of stress.

Tips for dealing with stress in pregnancy:

  1. Finding the cause.
  2. Finding out whether the cause of your stress. Your personal relationships or in connection with your job or other and find an effective way to cope.
  3. Good diet
  4. When we are healthy and fit, we will be able to cope with stress in better ways. For that, you should still maintain a healthy diet, adequate rest, and do regular exercise that will help you to keep fit.
  5. Communicate with your partner and neighbor. Social isolation and feeling alone makes you more difficult to deal with trouble or sorrow. Build good emotional relationship with your partner, your family and your friends. Communication or good emotional relationship will help you deal with adversity and sadness because of support from spouse, family and friends.
  6. Following the activity. Meditation, yoga and massage will help reduce tension in your muscles. According to research, those activities are proven to affect the body's reaction to stress by lowering stress hormones and slow the heart rate.
  7. Get plenty of rest. Lie on one side (the left side recommended), in quiet room, and listen to soft music. Imagine yourself in a place that you like, for example on the beach, in parks, and others.
  8. Talk with your doctor. You can talk about your feelings and your concerns with your doctor. Your doctor will then assess whether you need treatment or not.


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