How To Make Healthy And Strong Nails

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Nails healthy, strong, and beautiful is the desire of every woman. Look at your nails. Are the nails on your finger looks strong and healthy? Or do you see a bad shape, uneven surfaces, and an unusual color? If that is what you see, do not say that you have healthy nails. You can perform nail care to get your nails healthy, strong, and of course beautiful. In certain cases, simple treatment is not enough if your nails indicate poor performance of a disease.

Nails are composed of layers of protein called keratin which grow from the base of the area under the cuticle. Because the new cells grow, older cells become hard. Cells that grow on the end that's what we call the finger nails. Healthy nails are the nails are smooth without any lumps or lines on the rough surface of the nail. Healthy nails can also be seen from the color. Healthy nails are marked with the same color on all the nails on all fingers. If there are different means that the nail is not healthy. These problems may be overcome by regular nail care. But not all of these conditions is normal. Some signs such as yellowish color, the nail becomes curly, white nails, nail easily broken, and other fabric indicate that the disease should be treated medically if you want to get healthy nails back. Get to the doctor if you encounter any of these symptoms in your nails.
No nail care product that can make your nails healthy and strong by itself. You still have to perform self-care to get healthy nails that you want. The simplest thing you can do to get healthy nails is to not punish your fingernails by using it as a tool to retrieve or open something. Also, avoid biting your nails, especially on the cuticle. This habit is very damaging to the nail. You must begin to care about the cleanliness of nails. Clean under nails that are difficult to reach and dry the nail every time you hit the water. Cutting the nails is also very important to help you get healthy nails because it will create new cells to grow healthily. Do not forget to wear moisturizer nail that can provide nutrients to the nails.

Nails are brittle or break easily may be challenging themselves to take care of him. The most effective way to treat brittle nails to always keep it short with a curved shape at the tip of the nail. Cut nails carefully. To get the perfect healthy nails, do nail cutting after bath when still clean and moist. You can also use nail reinforcement products that you can get at the pharmacy. But avoid products containing toluene sulfonamide or formaldehyde. Instead of getting your nails healthy and strong, these chemicals will actually irritate your skin.
Healthy nails can also be obtained easily through a manicure, but expensive. You can do it, but there are a few things to note. First do not let your nail cuticles cut off if you do not want to have an infection of the nail. Second, the tools used for manicure also be sterile. It is no less important untuh get healthy nails is to eat nutritious meals. Many are eating foods that are vitamin for healthy nails.


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