Babyfaceness Hypotesis

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Research on face attraction has talked about that the use of childlike face features raises attraction. These are:
  • Significant head
  • Significant circular temple
  • Facial features (eyes, nasal area, mouth) found relatively low
  • Significant, around little brown eyes
  • Little, short nasal area
  • Round face
  • Little face
The model for a "child woman" is Brigitte Bardot. The explanation why childlike ladies are recognized as being more eye-catching, is a scientific one: Major scientists dispute that men have an process advantage when choosing ladies as multiplying associates since they are likely to be healthy and still having a long time of libido ahead of them. Thus, he can have many children with ladies which means that he can properly complete on his genetics to his enfant.

However, this idea is more than controversial. But why? Well, we described above that features of adult women promote face attraction, too. These are, for example, high and obvious face and concave face (note: this is the other of the childlike, around cheeks!). The scientific explanation for this is that these features indicate the man to have found a while making love adult and rich person. Some scientists on attraction (e.g. Karl Grammer) are certain that childlike face features just make ladies people look young, but not more eye-catching.

In order to analyze the so-called "babyfaceness hypothesis", we created several variations of chosen ladies people. The variations all had different levels of childlike face size and were evaluated for attraction by test subject matter. 
This is how we went about: we computed an "average kid face" using the four unique pictures. Therefore, we chosen several eye-catching person people. By using the morphing approach we slowly warped the face appearance of the ladies people into the appearance of the structure of childlike features. Only the size of the people were altered, not the people itself!


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