Trush or Stomatitis

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Thrush is one of the popular disease, because almost everyone had canker sores in his life. Well then do you know about canker sores? whether the thrush? What causes canker sores? how do I treat thrush? this question very often I hear.

In the science of dentistry or dental hygiene in thrush did not go unnoticed, perhaps some people underestimate us, but the reality is very annoy in activity. When we eat expensive foods that taste good even if we're not going to feel good if canker sores in the mouth.

Thrush is a common language for a variety of lesions / bumps that arise in the oral cavity. But usually the kind of thrush that often arise daily in our oral cavity is called (in terms of dentistry) Aftosa Recurrent Stomatitis.
Symptoms include pain or burning one to two days later could arise wound (ulcer) in the oral cavity. Pain and burning sensation in the mouth ulcer is to make us difficult to eat and drink. So sometimes patients with thrush come to the dentist in a state of weakness. These often affect anyone. Knows no age or sex. Usually the areas most often arise in the mucosa thrush is inner cheek, inner lip, tongue and on the ceiling.

The cause of Thrush?

Until now the main cause of the Thrush is not yet known. But experts have guessed a lot of things that cause the occurrence of this thrush are the following:

General factors:

  • Hormonal or systemic disease.
  • Stress.

Local factors:
  • Overhanging fillings or caries, prosthesis (artificial tooth)
  • Injury to the lips due to being bitten / collision.
  • Deficiency (lack of) of vitamin B12 and iron.
  • everything that causes trauma to the gums or oral mucosa.

Viral and bacterial infections are also suspected as the originator of the emergence of this thrush. There are also saying that the thrush is an abnormal immunologic reaction in the oral cavity. Now that quite often happens to us, especially the residents of a busy city, is stress. This psychology factor (stress) has been investigated related to the incidence of thrush.

Thrush treatment

By knowing the cause, it is hoped we can avoid the occurrence of thrush, such as by maintaining oral hygiene and consuming adequate nutrition, particularly those containing vitamin B12 and iron. Also in addition, do not forget to avoid stress. But if it turns out thrush always intermittent, you can try to gargle warm salt-water gargle and go to the dentist to ask the right medicine for mouth ulcer. Because if we do not know sometimes we must take the wrong medication, because medication should also be based on a contributing factor. Better not in vain treat because we do not know whether the drug is carcinogenic, or stimulate cancer.

There was an article said that yogurt to treat thrush, so whether yogurt can treat thrush? Yogurt contains lactobacillus. But the canker sores are more than two weeks should be aware of ... immediately contact a doctor to get in check further.


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