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Monday, October 3, 2011

Here I give some tips to parents in dealing with children who are growing their young  teeth, because some parents have difficulty in dealing with children who have growing teeth.

Stimulating Tooth Eruption

Usually when the baby becomes fussy middle of experiencing tooth eruption. Because tooth eruption usually cause symptoms of fever that was not too high. This occurs because the teeth will penetrate the layer of gum is hard, so we need a strong energy. Well, the reaction caused by the body that causes the baby to be low fever. In addition, tooth eruption also cause itching of the tooth.

That is why the baby wants something biting. Usually the parents provide a harmless plastic toys to be bitten by the baby. This method turned out to be useful because it can stimulate the eruption of teeth. There is a reflex that accelerate the release of the tooth. Due to the biting, the pointed teeth from the gums will squeeze that accelerate the release of the tooth. If no toy that can bite, it can be replaced with carrots. Because the carrot rather hard, not easy to break and which certainly cheaper. To stimulate tooth eruption should also be noted about food consumed by the baby. Such foods must follow the rules of the pediatrician. For example, whenever given the liquid diet, semi-solid food and solid food. Providing adequate food according to the rules actually to meet the nutrient. Nutrition is useful for growth and development and stimulates tooth growth from the inside. Giving vitamins to stimulate the growth of teeth in infants can also be done as recommended by your doctor. There are substances that can strengthen baby teeth, maintain and prevent tooth decay, which is a substance fluorine. This substance can be given to pregnant women until the baby is born until age 10.

Routine in Dental Cleaning

Since the first tooth eruption parents should clean the teeth after every feeding, because milk can be attached to the teeth and dental health hazard. Later at the age of 1-2 years and perforated teeth can be damaged if not cleaned from the start. Also got black because of the influence of the remnants of food stuck. Well, if this happens, it's no deformity. In fact, before tooth eruption was the baby should have been taught dental care. The trick with parents clean baby's gums with gauze or cotton wool soaked in boiled water. The most comfortable position to assume the baby and held her head into the mother's chest. After teeth eruption, use a special baby toothbrush. Cleaned at least once a day without using toothpaste, with the head of the baby in the mother's lap. Once children can walk only then be taught to brush their own teeth. Position, behind the child's mother and help children brush their teeth in the back. Use a toothbrush according to age and the child's special toothpaste that contains fluoride, but it was not sweet. Do 2 times a day, after eating breakfast and going to bed at night. Parents should choose the type of toothbrush or pasta according to child's favorite. Then how important is brushing his teeth clean. Children are assisted in brushing until then he could be released to brush their own teeth. We recommend teeth cleaning habits instilled by their parents early on, so that later on its own habits will be formed in the child.

Infants 0-6 months of age generally do not have a milk tooth. However, the activities of cleaning the tongue and the gum has to be done once completed feeding and before bed at night. Here are the steps:

  • Provide a piece of sterile gauze or a soft cloth.
  • Dip / wet cloth with boiled water.
  • Bandage fabric on the index finger mother / father.
  • Clean your baby's mouth and gums gently.
  • Position your baby sitting upright or lying down somewhat in the lap if it could.

Baby Teeth
  • If the baby's young teeth have emerged, use a small toothbrush. If you want to use toothpaste, wet wipes provide for the child can not gargle. Position he sat in his lap. Directions can clean it up vertically or horizontally. The important thing is the whole surface of the tooth, both the outside and inside (facing the tongue), and between them come clean.
  • If it is completed, wipe the tooth paste from the mouth and lips with a wet cloth to clean.

Teeth Children
Take steps brushing best like this:
  • Brush the teeth unidirectional, from top to bottom to the upper teeth, and vice versa from the ground up for the lower teeth. This principle ties "from red to white" or tooth from the gum to the end of that dirt swept away not to return again. Unidirectional movement also maintain healthy gums.
  • Make a motion remove dirt from between the teeth.
  • Brush teeth gently all surface starting from the inside, middle, and outer.
  • Clean the ceiling, the walls of the mouth, and tongue surface.
  • Try to water used for brushing teeth clean and clear. For children just learning to provide boiled water gargle.
  • Do not rinse too much fluoride in order to maintain the remaining tooth strength.

Time to Brush Teeth

The best time to brush the teeth is after eating and before going bed in the night. Brushing teeth after eating aim to lift the remains of food stuck to the surface or in between the teeth and gums. While brushing your teeth before sleep is useful to resist the proliferation of bacteria in the mouth because of the state of sleep is not produced saliva which serves to clean the teeth and mouth naturally. To try to gear it really is clean before bed. Well, when I wake in the morning, still relatively clean teeth, so brush it can be done after breakfast.

Choose And Replace Toothbrush

For children, choose a toothbrush with a small size easy to handle which is grasped. Fur brush is fine but strong. The end of the brush head for easy reach narrows the inside. For infants, there is a choice of rubber toothbrush, hair, or a toothbrush to be worn on the index finger father / mother. If a tooth has been out more than 8, clean with a baby toothbrush that has a small tip and fluffy, with a code size of P20, or a hairy rubber.

Furthermore, children 1-5 years can use a brush with 3 fur series. At the age of 6 years and over (the period of mixed dentition teeth), in addition to brush with 3 fur series can also be used brush with 4 rows of feathers.

If using a hard bristle brush, the gums will experience abrasion. Gum tissue will be damaged so that the roots of the teeth will be open. Tooth root that is not coated with this email will ache when eating food. Replace your toothbrush when fur had bloomed or irregular so as not to injure your gums.

Serves Toothpaste

Toothpaste is not required for infants and toddlers. So, if children do not want to, yeah not be forced. Recommend it slowly. Toothpaste made in principle with the content of the materials surface protective gear.

One of them is to some degree fluoride makes teeth stay strong. The content of fluoride in toothpaste in the category of children is generally safe. But should, choose pasta with fluoride content of at least. When about to brush your teeth, apply a little toothpaste, which is nothing more than the size of a pea.


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