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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Malnutrition Affects Childred Behavior

Poor nutrition as a child would bring bad influence on the physical health of a child. But it was not only his physical problems, but also can cause children to have behavioral problems when they was a teenager.

So that was visible from a study of about 1,600 children in the islands of Mauritius, who suffered malnutrition, lack of protein, minerals zinc, iron and vitamin B, when they were three years old. And after the age of 8, 11 and 17 years, they tend to have behavior problems.

These children tend to behave badly in school, fighting, breaking school rules and other behavioral problems as they grow older. They generally have a level of intelligence (IQ) is lower, which is a sign of deficit or deficiency of the neuro-cognitive brain due to malnutrition and this may be the cause of problem behavior.

Other factors, such as a poor family background, poor housing and parents' education level is low, apparently unrelated to their behavior problems.

Age of three years is a critical age for a child's brain development. With poor nutrition when it may cause interference on a number of brain functioning causing a child to become aggressive and hyperactive in the future.


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