What Is Dialysis?

Friday, September 16, 2011

Dialysis is a blood filtering process performed by machines. When and why should I do? Dialysis is usually performed on patients who experience kidney failure. So the process of washing the blood was made to replace kidney function is damaged.

The main functions of the kidney that filter the blood is dirty or blood that has been mixed by the rest of the body's metabolism. The results of the filter was removed through the urine. While blood is filtered and clean and then returned to the body. When the kidney was damaged, automatic metabolic waste and water can not be removed from the body and when you reach certain levels of metabolic waste that can poison the body to cause tissue damage that eventually can cause death. So if you have experienced kidney failure or kidney damage blood washing process is required earlier.

In this dialysis, kidney function was replaced by a machine, blood from a blood vessel is inserted into the small hose connected to the machine was called Dialyzer. In this dialyzer blood would have done by membrane filtration, filter the results of this waste will be mixed with a solution called a dialysate, and subsequently removed to be replaced by a new dialysate fluid. Then the blood that has been filtered and inserted into the body in clean condition. Although this process has a function like kidneys but can only replace normal kidney function by 10% only.

For acute renal failure, dialysis is usually done while waiting for his kidney function improved, while for chronic renal failure, should be done continuously, usually 3 times a week and each time the process takes about 3-5 hours. That must be considered is the cost is quite large and has quite a lot of side effects like low blood pressure, blood clotting, infection, headache, nausea, vomiting, anemia, muscle cramps, and irregular heartbeat. Another alternative for patients with chronic renal failure is to perform a kidney transplant if it does not want to do dialysis continuously, but the process of kidney transplantation is very complicated at all and certainly very costly, so always keep your kidney in order to stay healthy.


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