Body Needs Water

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Body Needs Water
Normal water content in the human body ranges from 70 to 80% of body weight. In the body, water is supposed to undergo a process of absorption in the small intestine, reabsorption in the colon, is also undergoing a process of spending through sweat glands and urinary tract.

The water content in the body must always be balanced at normal levels. If there is a state in which water levels in the body down from the levels it should be, then the body will directly request the replacement of lost water content, and therefore why we need a drink. Similarly, if the current water content is more than enough, then the body will remove the excess water through the urinary tract. Frequent urination every day depending on the habits, the amount of fluids they drink, cold air, and the bladder muscle strength.

If the loss of water content was not immediately replaced, the water content of the body will be getting down so that levels are below normal levels, and the body will become dehydrated.


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