Smoking Effect For Dental

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Effect of Smoking on Dental and Oral Health

Smoking is already a common thing that we encounter everywhere in the world. This habit has been so widely performed in both environments are highly educated and less educated. Smoking has become a complex problem concerning aspects of psychological and social phenomena.

Many studies carried out and instead realize that smoking interfere with the body's health. But to stop this activity very difficult.

Smoking especially can cause cardiovascular disease and cancer, both lung cancer, esophagus, larynx, and oral cavity.

Cancer in the oral cavity usually begins with an irritation of cigarette products that burned and smoked. These irritants cause white lesions that are not sick.
In addition, smoking also can cause abnormalities of the oral cavity such as the tongue, gums, oral mucosa, teeth and palate in the form of stomatitis nicotina and fungal infections.

Cigarette smoke contains the components and substances that are harmful to the body. The number of components depending on the type of tobacco, combustion temperatures, long cigarette, the porosity of paper wrappers, spices and the presence or absence of cigarette filters. While the harmful substances in the form of gases and particles. Cigarette smoke inhaled 90% of us containing a variety of gases such as N2, O2, CO2, 10% the rest contain certain particles such as tar, nicotine and others. The particles in cigarette smoke can cause cancer (carcinogenic) is tar.


In heavy smokers, smoking causes stimulation of the papilafiliformis (bulge on the top of tongue) so that it becomes longer (hypertrophy). The result of brownish-black burning cigarettes easily deposited, so that the smoker is difficult to feel a sense of bitter, salty, and sweet, because damage to the tip of the tentacle sensory (taste buds).


Number of tartar in smokers are more prone than non-smokers. Tartar that is not cleaned can cause a variety of complaints such as gingivitis or bleeding gums. Besides, the burning cigarette can cause a disturbance of blood circulation to the gums so easily affected by the disease.


Smoking is one of the factors causing Leucoplacia is a white patches or plaques on oral mucosa that can not be eliminated. This can be found at the age of 30-70 years that the majority of sufferers are smokers, especially men. According to Silverman research of all case studies Leucoplacia 95% were smokers.

Constant irritation from the burning tobacco causes thickening of the oral mucosal tissue. Before clinical symptoms appear, irritation from tobacco smoke attacks the mucosal epithelial cells so that its activity increased. These symptoms only visible when cell activity increases and the epithelium becomes thicker, especially visible on the buccal mucosa (mucosa facing the cheek) and on the floor of the mouth. Changes in oral mucosa seen as white spots. White spots are probably caused by a thick epithelium saturated with saliva (spit). Experts say that leucoplacia is a pre-malignant lesions in the mouth. Leucoplacia becomes malignant changes 3-6%.


Teeth may change color due to tobacco. At first it stains thought to be caused by nicotine, but is actually a result of burning tobacco in the form of tar. Nicotine itself is colorless and easily soluble. Shafer and his colleagues say that the brown color occurs in regular smokers, while black color occurs in smokers who use the pipe. The stains are easy to clean because there is only on the plains outside the tooth. But in people who smoked all his life, the stain can be entered into the superficial layer of tooth enamel and difficult to remove.

Smoking habits greatly affect oral health, especially changes in the mucosa (mucous membrane). Most, cancer in the mouth begins with mucosal changes. These changes do not cause pain (pre-malignant lesions) that can not be considered until the situation becomes advanced. Therefore, if there are white patches, as early as possible to come to the dentist.

Get used to check the teeth every 6 months, though not complain. And most important is a strong will to eliminate the smoking habit, if necessary call your doctor


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