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Monday, April 11, 2011

How to Make Healthy Body
Sports should be used as a childhood habit. Not only that, parents also need to provide concrete examples, because endurance (stamina) and immunity (the ability to fight disease) is obtained from the much-needed exercise. One was done to prevent excessive fat in the body.

At the present time for most people, exercise once a week is very rare. In fact, exercise is done three times during the week including the less. Therefore, it is advisable to balance it with other physical activity. Dr. Phaidon L. Toruan, a fitness consultant to provide the ideal solution regarding the duration of exercise:

  1. Physiologically takes approximately 30 minutes
  2. Psychologically takes approximately 15 minutes.

Aiming for people have a desire to move, and after the step will continue until 30 minutes.

Fitness consultant, Dr. Phaidon L. Toruan states that all 30-year-old man who experienced a decrease of hormones and muscle mass. Therefore, a combination of both aerobic and weight training to anticipate them.

According to Phaidon there are some principles of exercise, i.e. aerobic and weight training. Aerobic function to launch the circulatory system, the system of blood vessels associated cardiovascular. Examples walk, run, and so forth. While weight training serves to maintain muscle mass.


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