Sensitive Teeth Problems and Solutions

Monday, September 12, 2011

Some of us surely have experienced about sensitive teeth or while reading this article you are experiencing sensitivity in your teeth. Well here I will discuss my little knowledge about the sensitivity of the teeth. Some questions may appear in your mind exactly what is meant by sensitive teeth? What causes sensitive teeth? Where as prevention? then if I've already sensitive teeth how do I overcome it? I will answer all these questions.

Sensitive Teeth
Tooth sensitivity is a general term used to indicate the existence of hypersensitive dentine due to depletion of the enamel, gums and decrease the opening of dentin, a layer under the enamel. Pain associated with tooth sensitivity occurs in the nerve, the pain of sensitive teeth is not always fixed, there is a temporary and intermittent but regular basis. Pain is not stop may be the only sign of a more serious problem. However, it is important that you discuss these symptoms with your dentist to determine the cause and subsequent treatment, because this problem would be very disturbing if not followed up.

Causes of Sensitive Teeth
From the results of research experts in the USA, as much as 50-90%, patients with large pressure / excess when brushing your teeth. Habit of brushing your teeth with excessive pressure can make the gums become irritated or gum from the neck down teeth, over time the roots of the teeth will be open (gingival recession), neck cavities, the email layer would be reduced in thickness so that when drinking cold water, acid or sweet or even feather touched brush your teeth will ache.

Oral hygiene / poor state of oral cavity, the buildup of plaque / tartar, which is the "house" she lived many millions of germs in the oral cavity. Gradually tartar irritate the gums that can also be easily bleeding gums, bad breath also arise that are not "fresh". Formation of tooth enamel coating is less than perfect (enamel hypoplasia) can also occur in certain individuals. This situation will make the teeth become sensitive. Food impaction / buildup of food debris in the area meeting with the gear tooth / teeth contacts. Time food is seeping in through the neck of the tooth and difficult to reach toothbrush so it will be difficult to remove, over time the stack will more and more, pressing the gum pockets deeper than normal. Broadly speaking, the causes of tooth sensitivity is:
  1. Decrease gums.
  2. Poor Oral Hygiene (OH -).
  3. Bleaching (whitening tooth surface).
  4. Email steadily eroded.
  5. Brushing teeth too strong.

Preventing Sensitive Teeth
To prevent tooth becomes sensitive, the key is to reduce excessive pressure while brushing teeth, using a toothbrush with the type of hair brush is not harsh and brush your teeth the right way. Using paste special gig for sensitive teeth, routine dental examination to the dentist, try not to drink / eat hot and cold at the same time.

Sensitive Teeth Treatment
The steps that need to be considered for patients who are sensitive teeth memunyai;
  1. Eliminate bad habits brush your teeth with excessive pressure.
  2. Brushing your teeth with the proper way and time.
  3. Using a type of soft bristle brush teeth / do not use soft bristle brush that is damaged.
  4. Using toothpaste that contains strontium chloride / potassium nitrate / fluoride or rinse his mouth with mouthwash containing substances above. According to the researchers this substance capable of forming bonds and crystallization of porous-porous cover on the surface of the tooth crown that many nerve vessels (dentin tubule) / tooth root surface exposed, so as to eliminate complaints of sensitive teeth.
  5. In the state of the tooth roots open / already incurred a hole in the neck dental fillings should be done.
  6. In the case of tooth crown / thin tooth enamel (enamel hypoplasia) made plain jacket crown.
  7. Using the compound oxalate or with bonding agent to cover porus /tubuli dentin.
With so many cases above it is a usual complaint of patients who has the same time, always watching the steps that have been described. With enforcing discipline in maintaining the oral health of all your complaints will be reduced or lost, the activity will be smooth.


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