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Sunday, September 11, 2011

The mouth is actually already has its own cleaning system that is saliva. However, with modern food now, these natural cleaners are no longer able to function. We can use a toothbrush as a tool for cleaning teeth. Choose a toothbrush bristles are not too hard because it can injure the gums. In addition, the brush should also be adjusted to the size of our oral cavity.

In addition to routine maintenance, we should immediately visit your dentist if the state experienced one or more of the following conditions:

When you have bad breath odor are not without an obvious cause for a week, even after brushing your teeth, tongue, gums and do the cleaning with dental floss

When you have bad breath accompanied by toothache, maybe there is a hollow tooth or abscess.

Brush teeth with a circular motion, because in addition to cleaning, this movement will not damage the gums. When brushing teeth, also brush the top of the tongue with a toothbrush. Be sure to reach the back.

When gums bleed, because it could be a sign of gum disease.

If there is bad breath accompanied by fever or cough and phlegm, it can be a symptom of lung abscess. In this case, your dentist will refer you to a specialist.

In addition, we can use dental floss to remove food debris in the crevices of the teeth at least twice a day, especially after meals. When we are in a situation very rushed and there is no enough time to do the above, bad breath can be eliminated temporarily by the use mouthwash, eat oranges, apples, or celery.

Clean tartar to the dentist every six months and checked regularly once a year for the control teeth (dental check-ups). In addition, quitting smoking, reducing consumption of sugar, coffee and alcohol, spicy food and smells food, and drink lots of water will help take care of your teeth.


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