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Sunday, September 18, 2011

How to Select Healthy Lingerie

These days, if you want to buy underwear it’s a bit tricky, because the various models and colors there are many in the market, especially for women, are very diverse at all. Until a lot of women buy clothes in only refers to the model and color, whereas when choosing underwear should pay attention to user comfort factor first. Then how do I choose a healthy underwear? To be sure to choose the appropriate size with the body, because the clothes are too small in a very tortured body, although not visible from the outside, and vice versa.
Then about a color, choose a color or choose a dark colored?, should choose a light-colored underwear instead of dark, but if followed the model and the fashion, bright colored certainly not fashionable at all or much to say ancient.

Choosing the light-colored clothing is very good for health, because in a bright color, if the abnormal discharge from the breast or Miss V will be immediately visible, because usually breast cancer and cervical cancer (cervix) is characterized by discharge, what if who used dark color, would not be visible.

It is expected that so little aware of any abnormality, immediately went to the doctor, although the discharge was not certain cancers, but it is important not vigilant, who the hell want to get cancer, but such was true sign of cancer, could at least let me not be addressed directly late. Any malignant cancer if caught early results are certainly good, because it can be directly operated on before it spreads, but if it has spread (metastasis), especially if you have end-stage, surgeon must surrender.

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