Eye Fatigue

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Fatigue In the Eye
Fatigue in the eye is often referred to as Computer Eye Syndrome or asthenopia in medical language.

Computer Eye Syndrome is a condition which manifests non-specific subject such as excessive fatigue, pain, blurred vision, headaches and so on due to the use of computers after other causes ruled out. The first thing we can do is to re-arrange the monitor settings and room to work, for the ill effects of Computer Eye Syndrome can be minimized.

Comfortable Viewing Position
Seeing an object that close makes the muscles of our eyes is extra work. You can try to get your eye muscles more relax. One way to rearrange the order of your monitor. Here are tips set it:

  1. Try to put your monitor is for about arm's length from your eyes (± 50cm)
  2. Put the monitor is lower than your eyes
  3. Try the monitor has a slope of 10 - 20 degrees from the vertical plane making it easier for you to see
  4. Put the monitor on the desk (do not put it on top of the CPU)
  5. Keep the orientation of the monitor and keyboard in one direction, it is useful to minimize tension in the neck.

Proper Document Place
If you need paper documents in work, place your documents also in the same direction as the orientation of your computer. The best place is a piece with your monitor screen. How do I? Hang document beside the monitor. If this is not possible, you can put it vertically aligned with the monitor. Avoid placing the document on the table, next to the monitor (not plot). This will make your eyes work much harder.

Light Intensity

This lighting technique adapted to the type of work you intend to do. If you work with a computer without a document, for example, make a computer program, then a rather dim lighting would be useful to improve your concentration on the monitor screen. But there are things to note that the light are produced should be uniform lighting. This prevents the eye receives light from one direction only which will also cause eye fatigue.

But if your job requires you to pay attention to objects outside the screen, sort of a document instance, then a bright room lighting will be better for your eyes. Moreover, when the object is a document that you use a small bearing and full of detail.

Natural lighting as the sun can be a source of good lighting. However you need additional tools, such as curtains, to adjust the intensity of natural lighting. Curtain used was not arbitrary curtain. Use small hole in the curtain fabric evenly, so that light generated also be uniform.

Antiglare Screen

In addition to the reflection of light, you are also advised to avoid reflections of other objects around your monitor. Monitors sold now many who sailed flat and has been coated with antiglare coating. This is very beneficial in reducing the effect of reflection. But for those of you who still use the monitor sail convex, there's nothing wrong if you try using the antiglare screen that has long been much in the market.

Suitable Surround

Charges your eyes will increase if you pay attention to the screen where the light around the monitor is brighter than the monitor itself. Therefore, to avoid placing the light source behind the monitor screen. Put the screen near the window was not recommended.

Monitor Characteristic
Try your monitor is set to the level of the optimal contrast and brightness so the picture becomes clearer. This also will reduce the work of your eyes. You can change the monitor setting manually on your monitor and also through the contrast setting your computer's operating system (e.g. Control Panel on Windows Operating System).

Color Display

Selection background color on a contrasting sheet and writing is also quite influential. Display a white background with black writing is a view that is most obvious and most recommended. Background and writing that will reduce the contrast in color, whereas black background and white writing will lead to reflections that are not profitable. Both are less advisable.


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