Natural and Bright Face

Friday, July 29, 2011

Natural and Bright Face

Everyone has a different skin color. Genetic factors are usually the more dominant influence one's skin color. Other factors could also be due to climate and weather.
Facial skin is the most important part of women. How to make a face to look clean and attractive white can with the treatment to the doctor, beauty salon, and home care.

With lemon skin can become more white and fresh. Orange juice is also rich in nutrients such as substance biflanid, atsirilimonen oil, citric acid, acetic linalin, and fellandren that can cure the disease cough, reduce fever, and make your voice is good. Extract vitamin C in orange juice makes a smooth white skin, tight, and brighten the skin.

How :

  1. You can consume orange juice, for its vitamin C can be absorbed by the body to the max.
  2. Rubbed a piece of orange juice on the face or skin every day.


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