Keep Skin Healthy

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Keep Skin Healthy

Healthy skin is skin that has a normal function, with no abnormalities and disease. Or clinically categorized as a distinguished smooth skin, tight, bright, works well, has an optimal tolerance, and humid.

To keep skin healthy is very easy, here are tips for you:

  1. Always clean the skin after each travel because of wind that hit our skin causing dust and dirt clog pores and increase the thickness of dead skin on skin.
  2. Use the mask should be two times a week. And when applied should be soft and not too hard as it can cause irritation to the skin.
  3. Do sport regularly, because exercise ill just make the body fit and healthy, but also improve blood circulation to the network so that the skin will be enough to get nutrition. Not only that, exercise is also attractive so as not to loose muscle. In order for our skin healthy and fast, so start now exercise at least an hour jogging twice a week.
  4. It is no less important is the fulfillment of the nutrients through the consumption of fruits and vegetables that contain vitamins A, C and E which is very good to maintain skin smoothness. Vitamin A is useful to prevent dry skin, while vitamin C and E function as antioxidants


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