Stay Slim During Breastfeeding

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Stay Slim During Breastfeeding

Want to breastfeed, but afraid of getting fat? No need to worry! Mom can work around this by following the proper diet of foods low in calories. How:

  1. Eat low calorie foods, but contain maximum nutrients, especially foods high in protein.
  2. Reduce fried foods instead of food of cook in other ways, such as steamed, boiled, or baked.
  3. Choose lean meats, especially liver, heart or kidney.
  4. Eat foods rich in protein but does not fatten.
  5. Expand to eat vegetables and fruits, and reduce the cakes.
  6. Choose fresh fruit instead of candied fruit made.
  7. Avoid vegetables and fruits are high in calories, such as avocado, soursop, sweet potatoes and corn.
  8. Reduce sugary drinks such as syrup or soft drink.
  9. Avoid sweet foods like candy or chocolate.

What must mother avoid? There are some things to avoid during breast-feeding mother is:
  1. Cabbage, cauliflower or radishes, because it can make the baby's stomach bloated.
  2. Tea or coffee in excessive amounts, because the substance contained in it have the effect of stimulating the kidneys work harder, resulting in more frequent mother so backward (this can make you dehydrated).
  3. Cigarettes, because the substance can cause nicotine poisoning in infants.
  4. Birth control pills, because some among them contain synthetic estrogen and progesterone hormones that have inhibited the impact of milk-ejection.


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