Diet After Childbirth

Friday, June 10, 2011

Diet After Childbirth

Although it feels happy when cradling the Child, there is an anxiety that often sneak in the hearts of mothers, namely how to lose weight go back to its original weight. It is indeed often a scourge for every mother after their birth. But when on a diet, is it good for the health of mothers and children?

The increase in weight up to 10-15 pounds is not an easy thing to overcome. However, it should not be discouraged because there are special tricks to work around this!

For those of you who breastfeed, cheer up. Because breastfeeding is one quick way to its original weight like before you get pregnant. At the time of breastfeeding, and the body will burn about 500 calories per day.

Food intake after birth still have to be considered properly. We recommend that you multiply the consumption of vegetables, fruits and foods low in fat, but that does not mean you do not eat fat at all. You can choose meat that has been discarded the fat.

When you're happy snack, you should keep some kind of a nutritious snack with the content for the body weight is maintained, such as low-fat yogurt or low-fat biscuits. Also, do not forget to drink plenty of water.

There are so many sports that can be done by mothers after childbirth. Needless to far-away thought of sports in the gym, take care of daily activities such as bathing or feeding the child the child was able to throw a lot of calories. Encouraging children to walk with a stroller every morning or afternoon for approximately one hour to burn about 200 calories. In addition, swimming or yoga is also good for health and to train all the muscles of the body.

Of course, this exercise can not be started suddenly and required a certain distance from since the time of delivery. The time is considered sufficient to start the sport is about 2-3 months after birth in which the body was already stronger.

One thing to remember in the diet is to lose weight is not an instant process. It takes patience and followed with a balanced diet and regular exercise, without affecting the quality of milk and your health.


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