Women and Osteoporosis

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Women and Osteoporosis Risk

Although this disease can also attack the men, but women are more vulnerable to osteoporosis. This is because the bone tissue in women is less. Additionally, women experience reproductive. When in the reproductive age, active ovaries still produce enough estrogen, the hormone that acts to balance the process of formation and bone damage that occurs naturally.

By the cessation of menstruation (menopause), hormone production is declining, even stop altogether as women enter menopause. Decreased production of the hormone estrogen is what causes the shrinking bone mass and bone becomes fragile. Decrease in bone mass occurs after five years before they experience menopause. At this time, patterns began to fail and menstrual irregularities. Throughout his life, women will experience a reduction in bone mass of about 40-50%, while the men is much smaller (20-30%).

Menopause and decreased bone mass are the two things that can not be separated. As a woman, you can best prepare for before and during menopause will not be too problematic, namely by making prevention as early as possible.

Women who underwent removal of both ovaries, menstruation stops before it, a diet that is too tight, excessive exercise, smokers, alcohol drinkers, users of rheumatic drug, and patients with digestive diseases and endocrine disorders also include the risk of developing osteoporosis.

One study states that osteoporosis is apt to occur in Asians and white skin peoples (Caucasian). However, it does not mean that the other country is free from this disease, because osteoporosis is also associated with lifestyle factors.

In this case, men are more fortunate because new bone loss in men occurs at age 70's. It still could be delayed again when a man diligent in doing weight training and aerobics.


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