Wednesday, June 15, 2011

When Women Entering The Menopause
A woman called menopause when entering the time when she no longer menstruate. In general, a woman experiences menopause between the ages of 45 to 55 years.

Symptoms and signs of menopause experienced by a woman is different from each other.
Some women will not feel any symptoms when they entered menopause. Some others will feel great complaints both physically and mentally.

Some of the signs and symptoms include:

These symptoms mainly appear at the beginning of menopause, so sometimes referred to as a transitional phenomenon. In this condition, blood coming out of the vagina is not regular, not like the arrival of regular menstruation. Bleeding will appear several times in the span of a few months and then stopped altogether.

Menopause, a woman often experience a burning sensation from the face spread throughout the body. In general, felt a burning sensation accompanied by sweating and redness of the skin. Occurred for approximately between 30 seconds to several minutes. This burning sensation caused by fluctuations in estrogen.

Night sweats
Women who experience these symptoms will have sleep soundly.

Changes to the vagina 
Arise because of changes that occur in the lining of the vaginal wall. Due to the decreased levels of estrogen, the vagina becomes dry, less elastic, itching, and pain during intercourse. Changes in the vagina causes menopausal women prone to vaginal infections.

In addition to changes in the vagina, urethra channel (urine channel from the bladder to the outside of the body) also changed. Urethra canal will dry up, thinning and reduced it’s elastic. Changes to the urethra tract causing menopausal women prone to urinary tract infection, always feel the urge to urinate and bedwetting.

Emotional and cognitive 
Women who are going through menopause often experience emotional and cognitive symptoms are varied, such as:
  1. Mental Fatigue
  2. Memory problems
  3. Tend to be irritable
  4. Mood changes rapidly
Other physical changes 
There were changes in body fat distribution. In postmenopausal women, fat deposits on the hips and abdomen. In addition, skin texture is also changing, there are wrinkles on the skin, sometimes accompanied by acne.


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