Eating Tips for Pregnant

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Eating Principles During Pregnancy
When do you can start to give affection to the baby in your womb? The answer is very easy, you have to start early is to provide the best nutritional food for your baby in the womb.

During pregnancy, one important part in helping the development of the fetus in the womb is depends on what you eat and how you eat during pregnancy. For that, we need to learn about the principles of good eating during pregnancy.

The principles of eating well during pregnancy, among others:

  1. Change the way you eat according to the diet of pregnant women to eat
  2. Avoid foods that can harm the mother and fetus
  3. Do not diet during pregnancy
  4. Eat small portions but frequently
  5. Take vitamins for pregnant women regularly
  6. Drinking enough water
  7. Consumption of fiber foods, fruits and vegetables

By making healthy eating, not just make a pregnant woman be more fit and healthy, but also helps your baby's development in the womb. Your baby's development is highly dependent of what you give and do for him.


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