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Friday, May 27, 2011

How to Naturally Get The Slim Body

Being slim is probably the dream of almost all women. It was not separated from the public view of a beautiful woman that certainly identical with a slim body. Being slim for most people is not easy, especially when it has entered the age of 30 years. Changes in metabolism generally lead to weight gain and big stomach.
In fact solve the problem of obesity is not too difficult, provided that is supported with regular exercise, balanced diet, and try a traditional recipe of herbs around us. Here there are a number of traditional plants that can be tried to lose weight naturally:

Morinda Citrifolia
Although the plant has been known as multi-property, there only a little people know that this plant is also efficacious to lose weight. The fruit can reduce excessive body fat. Morinda contains acetyl esters, capron, and soranidiol.

Guazuma Ulmifolia
Guazuma Ulmifolia has been known as a traditional medicine to lose weight. In fact there are companies that produce herbal medicine plant as slimming tea (slimming tea)

Bengle (Zingiber cassumunar)
Bengles contain organic acids which merit reduce fat in the body. Drink bengle water a glass a day to lose weight.

Pineapple besides known as a source of vitamin C, also can be slimming drug by smoothing pineapple and water to drink one glass a day. Pineapple contains proteins, organic acids, and dextrose that help you lose weight, if taken regularly. However, excessive consumption also had a negative impact because the pineapple fruit contains calcium oxalate which can cause kidney stones.

White Pomegranate (Punica granatum)
The fruit is believed to be slimming the body and drug disorders whitish.

Kaempferia Angustifolia
In addition to subtracting fat, Kaempferia Angustifolia also serves to reduce weight. Kaempferia Angustifolia have the effect of reducing appetite. However, quite good if mixed in food daily.

Areca Catechu
To lose weight, then thinly sliced Areca Catechu seed, dry in the sun. Creamed mashed into powder. Half a teaspoon of powder is soaked in hot water overnight and drink the next day and evening along with the waste. The potion drunk for approximately two weeks.

Murraya Paniculata
Murraya Paniculata is believed efficacious for maintaining the body's cells are not disrupted fat.

Carrot and cucumber
Carrot juice with cucumbers also can lose weight. The trick two or three sticks of carrots and one medium-sized shredded cucumber. The water is squeezed. To enrich the flavor can be spiked with lemon juice. This juice can be drunk at least once every two days until you have the appropriate weight.


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